19 Crucial Tips to Manifest Money with the Law of Attraction

Many of us grew up with limiting beliefs around money. Fortunately, we can change almost anything using the law of attraction philosophy. But what are the best law of attraction money tips?

Some law of attraction tips include:

  1. Envision a specific amount you will want to manifest
  2. Be filled with an attitude of gratitude
  3. Use vision boards and visualization
  4. Adopt an abundance mindset
  5. Reframe one’s negative views of money

In this article, we’ll explore these simple and actionable tips that could result in having an obese bank account.

Let’s dive right in.

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1. Understand How The Law of Attraction Works

The first thing or the first step is to understand the law of attraction, this powerful law of the universe so that you can understand the mechanics of manifestation techniques that will gradually turn you into a money magnet and grow rich.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like.

Negative thoughts attract negative experiences. In like manner, positive thoughts attract positive experiences. Specifically, in this context, a mind that is filled to the brim with thoughts about lack of money cannot be a place where an abundance of money becomes a reality.

One of the most important things to understand is that your current circumstances are in no way a predictor of how your life will unfold.

Even if you are struggling financially now, you can use the law of attraction to manifest money and change your financial situation.

Learn more about Joy Altimare and Esther Hicks’ teachings to deepen your knowledge.

2. Rid Your Mind of Scarcity Mindset and Similar Limiting Beliefs

If you were born into a rich family, you are probably not reading this article. Most of us were born into poor and middle-class homes.

We tend to inherit a scarcity mindset and other limiting beliefs that plague us throughout our lives. One of Joy Altimare’s tips relates to getting rid of negative perceptions.

And we’ve had a lot of life experiences, mainly negative experiences that seem to validate our limited way of seeing money. We are always struggling financially. We have been brought up not to aim too high.

We are taught how to survive, and that is what most of us do.

Lack of money is something we’ve grown to accept as normal! We have been programmed to think that hard work, alone, is enough.

To alter your financial standing, over time, you will have to let go of these limiting beliefs and know for a fact that even the richest men in history were all born poor.

Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, and Andrew Carnegie…were all born into abject poverty, but when they understood the power of manifestation paired with hard work, they attracted great wealth. Likewise, you will have to change your belief system if you are serious about money manifestation.

Rich people have a better understanding of the flow of money.

They know how to attract and nurture money. And to change your financial status to attain financial success, you have to have the same kind of understanding.

3. Adopt an Abundance Mindset

Start by ridding your mind and life of the scarcity mindset and similar limiting beliefs.

These are largely defined by negative thoughts around abundance. Then replace them with positive thoughts, positive mindset, positive things, and good feeling, which will ultimately fill your life with positive growth.

The kind of growth that will result in an abundance of money.

This new abundance mindset will even spill over into other areas of your life. Your relationships would be happier too.

You’ll even start feeling better and happier even before you experience a change in your financial status. This is because you are no longer suffused with negative thoughts and negative energy.

4. Aim For Financial Freedom

For the most part, our lives unfold as self-fulfilling philosophies —- if a person is convinced they would never know a life beyond financial struggle, they will live a life that is consistent with their aim.

The opposite is also true.

If a person is determined, they will manifest their money goals by adopting a money mindset and aiming for much money, and they will also live a life that is consistent with it.

One of the best things they could do is to start learning about finances. 

You could buy some of the best works (books and courses) on personal finance. It’s not difficult. In a recent article I published, for example, I explained whether you could sell your term life insurance policy for cash. Check it out.

Just click the link to read it on my site.

5. Use Money Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool in your quest to manifest the money you want.

They are a vital part of your manifestation process. You can use the ones I’ll share below, or you could craft your own.

The important thing is that they must be heartfelt, positive, and motivational.

They will gradually help you focus on your aim and even imbue you with confidence. You can use them to gradually improve your relationship with money. The best way to use them is regularly.

Below are examples of some money affirmations:

    • “Wealth is a vital part of my life.
    • I can reach my money goals and go beyond them.
    • Any unexpected money is always welcome.
    • I’m always looking for new sources of income.
    • I can earn money in both expected and unexpected ways.

6. Decide On a Specific Amount of Money

The more specific you are about any goal, the higher the odds that you will realize it.

So instead of being vague, “I just want to manifest money”. Pick a specific amount of money that you want. I’ll suggest that the higher the amount, the better. Pick a really high amount.

At first, your old programming may kick in, and you may want to dial it down.

Don’t. When you’ve manifested it, you will be very glad that you picked a high amount. It would be a great lesson that you can achieve virtually anything you put your mind to.

7. Use a Vision Board

Many people swear by vision boards.

They help you focus on the money you are trying to manifest. Perhaps you have in mind what you want to use the money for. A new house, new car, vacation, an investment?

Simply cut out pictures that are accurate representations of these goals and stick them on a board. Put it in a place where you can see it a couple of times each day and simply go about your business.

Someday, it will dawn on you that you have met these goals!!

8. Use Visualizations

Like vision boards, visualizations are also a powerful way to make your money goals more concrete.

Simply daydream about how much you want to attract and manifest.

See yourself earning the amount. Perceive the joy. Feel the vibrations of happiness and peace abundance brings into your life. Do this when you are most relaxed.

Once or twice a day.

9. Use Journals

In addition to the two simple tips above, journaling is highly beneficial in most self-development projects.

You can write down your past common beliefs around money, what you are learning about money manifestation, and what successful people do with money.

You can also write down your own clear goal about money, the money you are manifesting, and related financial goals. You can also keep track of how you are changing and the good things that you are attracting into your life.

10. Use Mantras

Mantras are chants that are a great way to focus and channel your vibrations around what you seek to manifest. You could find mantras online that relate to how to manifest money or simply craft your own.

Below is an example.

“I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance on its way. Every dollar I spend and donate comes back to me multiplied. I can look at my finances without fear. I choose to live a rich and full life. I give myself permission to prosper and grow.”

11. Fill Yourself with Positive Energy

In trying to manifest money and have an obese bank account, it is not enough to simply think about what you want to manifest. It is vital to ensure that you are also filled with positive energy.

This is when you can attract similar positive energy and experiences from the universe.

Being filled with positive energy would make you more optimistic and driven. In this state, it is easier for you to have an “energetic match” with the amount you are trying to manifest.

12. Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

Spiritual masters speak of an attitude of gratitude as a master key for attracting abundance. Gratitude suggests being thankful and joyful. It’s an extension of having a positive energy field.

Gratitude makes you more magnetic, which is another way of saying more attractive.

In a state of gratitude, it is easier to manifest your money goals because you are aligned with the universe. It’s a state that does not dress lack or scarcity.

Gratitude is a vital habit to integrate into one’s life.

Learn more about it in a recent article I published. I get more into the law of attraction and specifically how you can use gratitude to manifest almost anything you want!

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13. Have Faith That You Will Indeed Manifest the Amount

Let go of doubts.

Have faith that you will manifest the amount you want, and this becomes easier if you are using the aforementioned tips, such as affirmations, mantras, and visualization.

Doubts, as you know, are a form of negative energy.

If you allow it to dominate, you could give up your goal. The truth is that we need to have faith anytime we are pursuing something serious that could have a dramatic and positive change in our lives.

14. Act as If What You are Manifesting Has Come to Pass

You need to act as if you have manifested the amount.

I am not suggesting that you go into debt and start spending recklessly. That would negate the goal of having a better relationship with money.

You could start exploring some potential investments. You could start taking classes on personal finance and reading blog posts such as these, and you could have a budget for the amount.

That way, you know exactly what you would use the fund for when you have access to it.

15. Pay Attention to Your Thoughts About Money

By now, your thoughts around money ought to have evolved.

You are learning new things about financial success and how limiting beliefs hamper us. You are learning new things about how successful people think about great wealth.

Are you truly absorbing these new insights and changing your thoughts, or are you stuck in your old patterns?

Don’t assume this is not important. It’s a good place to review your mindset.

Be honest. Remember that it’s your dominant thoughts that would determine what you would manifest. So pay attention to your thoughts around money.

16. Forgive Yourself for Past Money Mistakes

You have inevitably made some mistakes with money. Most people have. These mistakes could be very costly and may have harmed you and your family.

Well, we all make mistakes, and it’s time you forgave yourself.

After all, this nothing one can do about the past. We can only embrace the new insights we are learning about money and use them well so that the future can be filled with abundance for our loved ones.

17. Improve Your Relationship With Money

What would you do with the money you are about to manifest?

Would you spend it the way you’ve always spent your money? Or are you going to chart a new course? To answer these questions effectively, you need to make a conscious effort to improve your relationship with money.

You need to see it as a wonderful treasure — that is what it is. An invaluable asset you can use to acquire a lot of wonderful things and experiences. It is not the root of all evil! You need to see it as a “friend.”

You probably know from experience that money is indeed a vital resource. 

That reminds me, do you think a relationship can work without money? Check out the answer in a recent article I published. Money fights are often the #1 cause of divorce, so if you’re married and struggling with money, there’s 1 key thing that can turn things around.

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18. Learn About Financial Freedom and How to Make Better Investments

This site and similar ones are a great place through which you can learn a lot of actionable concepts and tips about financial freedom and how to make better investments.

I am not simply a personal finance expert. I worked as a general manager for Whole Foods for twenty years, after which I started my own online business. A business that generates a substantial amount each month.

Through this blog (and my other blogs), you can learn how to experience financial freedom. Of course, there are also books and courses you could take. I’ll be reviewing a few in subsequent blog posts. You’ll even learn how to use your free time to acquire skills that would help you level up financially.

One of the vital things you could learn is how to budget. That’s what I got into in a recent article I published. Budgeting is taught by almost all personal finance experts. Learn how to in the article.

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19. Be Patient If You Want to Manifest Money

Most of us are often impatient when we are pursuing certain goals.

It’s understandable. We want to experience a better life. But a better way is to actually do all that we need to do and to also be patient.

After all, we are dealing with a universal law.

We can rest assured that if we take care of the inputs, the outputs will eventually manifest. Impatience can easily morph into anxiety, and you could be flooded with negative thoughts, and that’s the last thing you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the law of attraction attract money?

Law of attraction works when you have a specific amount of money in your mind that you want to attract or you’ve decided on certain things you’ll use the money to purchase, and you express a clear intention to the universe, mixed with positive energy and an attitude of gratitude.

In time, your vibration becomes similar to the vibration of what you are seeking, and you attract it. It’s like attracts like. This is the way money is attracted via this law. Of course, the law works for many other things.

According to quantum physics, atoms have energy and are attracted to atoms with similar energy compositions.

In like manner, similar thoughts are drawn to each other, eventually manifesting as words and our life experiences. In a sense, there is no such thing as arbitrary, random experiences.

There is an invisible order.

Does the law of attraction actually work for money?

Yes. The law of attraction works for money.

It is a universal law. So, it works for virtually everything. It’s essentially about how our thoughts serve to attract similar experiences and things into our lives.

There are numerous cases of people who have employed the law to attract financial abundance.

Does the law of attraction always work?

The law of attraction always works. It’s a universal law.

But we may not receive exactly what we thought we deserve. There are many reasons why this could happen. We may not understand how the law works.

We may be filled with too much negativity.

We may lack faith. We always strive to be consistent in life, even if this happens on an unconscious level. So, if we believe deep down that the law will not work, we will probably sabotage ourselves.

But if we understand the law and do what is required, it will work. Joy Altimare said that negative perceptions are one of the key reasons people fail to manifest the money they want.

It’s about opportunities, not the actual money

The law of attraction is a powerful tool that can be used to manifest money. However, it is important to understand that using the law of attraction for money is more about creating opportunities than the actual money itself.

The law of attraction works by focusing on what you want and believing that it will come to you.

This means that when you focus on creating opportunities, you are more likely to attract them into your life. For example, if you focus on finding a job that pays well, then you are more likely to find one.

When it comes to money, the law of attraction works best when you focus on creating opportunities for yourself rather than just wishing for money itself.

This means taking action and putting yourself in situations where you can make more money or increase your income. It could be as simple as taking a class or learning a new skill, or as complex as starting your own business.

The key is to take action and create opportunities for yourself rather than just wishing for money itself. When you do this, the universe will respond by providing the resources and support needed to make those opportunities happen.

It is also important to remember that using the law of attraction for money does not mean getting rich overnight. It takes time and effort to create opportunities and manifest wealth in your life. You must be patient and consistent in order to see results from using the law of attraction for money.

Is perceiving money the same as manifesting money?

Perceiving money and manifesting money are two different concepts, but they are related.

Perceiving money is the act of understanding the value of money and how it works in our lives. It involves understanding the importance of budgeting, saving, investing, and spending wisely.

Manifesting money is the act of using our thoughts and beliefs to create a reality where we have more money. It involves visualizing ourselves having more money, believing that we can achieve financial success, and taking action to make it happen.

The two concepts are related because our perception of money affects how we manifest it.

If we perceive money as something that is hard to come by or something that will never be enough, then it will be difficult for us to manifest more of it. On the other hand, if we perceive money as something that can be created through hard work and dedication, then it will be easier for us to manifest more of it.

Our beliefs about money also play a role in how we perceive and manifest it.

If we believe that having more money will make us happy or successful, then this belief will influence our perception of money and how we manifest it.

On the other hand, if we believe that having more money won’t make us happy or successful, then this belief will also influence our perception of money and how we manifest it.

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In the article, we learned a lot about how to manifest money.

We looked at 19 crucial tips, and 3 frequently asked questions about this theme. It’s a treasure-trove of simple tips you could start practicing as soon as you finish reading the article.

Reading this law of attraction money tips is a good place to start your journey to financial freedom.

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