29 Easy Financial Life Hacks (for success with money)

Are you looking to improve your financial situation? You’ve hit the jackpot. This article unveils 29 easy financial life hacks to steer your monetary ship toward more prosperous shores.

These aren’t just tips; they’re game-changers, tested and proven to save you money and enhance your financial health. From loyalty cards for cashback to utilizing discount stores, abandon online shopping carts to trigger discounts, and even earn through online surveys.

We’ll also help you navigate through credit card debts and other financial intricacies. So buckle up, and let’s dive into this treasure trove of financial wisdom. Remember, every successful financial journey begins with a single step.

Are you ready to take yours?

Life And Money Hacks You Should Try

Ready to try some new strategies for a healthier financial life? We’ve curated a list of clever money-saving tricks and financial life hacks.

For instance, consider shopping at discount stores where you can save up to 50% on retail prices. Or, if you’re an online shopper, leave items in your cart to trigger discount emails. Don’t overlook the power of loyalty cards, which can provide 1-5% cashback or points. Now, go ahead and put these hacks to work!

1. Discount stores offer 30-50% savings on retail prices.

One of the best financial life hacks is shopping at budget-friendly outlets. These discount stores can drastically reduce your expenses as they typically offer goods at 30-50% less than traditional retail prices.

Imagine, that’s almost half-off on each item! So why splurge on full-priced items when you can get the same quality for less? This strategy can substantially aid in maintaining a healthy budget and provides a simple and practical way to stretch your dollar further.

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2. Abandoned online shopping carts can trigger 5-15% discount emails.

Leaving your virtual shopping cart filled, yet unchecked out, is a savvy move in the world of e-commerce.

This hack can often stimulate the system to send you an email offering a discount of between 5% and 15% to complete the purchase. This is a strategy used by online retailers to convert browsing customers into buyers.

So, next time you’re shopping online, try this trick and wait for a bargain to land in your inbox!

3. Loyalty cards provide 1-5% cashback or points.

Benefiting from loyalty cards is a life hack worth exploring.

These cards often offer between 1% and 5% cashback, or points that can be redeemed for rewards. Whether it’s your morning coffee, weekly grocery run, or regular fill-up at the gas station, these small savings can accumulate into significant amounts over time. So, next time you’re at your favorite store or restaurant, don’t forget to ask for their loyalty card.

It’s a simple yet effective way to get more value out of your everyday purchases.

4. Use Raise.com for discounted gift cards save 2-20% off face value.

Looking for a smart life hack? Head over to Raise.com.

This innovative platform offers discounted gift cards, allowing you to shave off 2-20% from the face value. It’s like having a coupon for every purchase, from your favorite clothing brand to your weekly grocery haul. An incredible way to stretch your dollar further, Raise.com is an easy-to-use tool in your money-saving arsenal.

So, why pay full price when you can get the same value for less?

5. Cancel unused subscriptions to save up to $237 monthly.

Minimizing monthly expenditures is a cornerstone of financial wisdom, and cutting off unused subscriptions is an effective way to do this.

You might be surprised at the potential savings, as these dormant subscriptions can accumulate to a substantial $237 per month. Whether it’s a forgotten magazine subscription, unused gym membership, or neglected streaming service, these expenses can add up quickly.

This hack can be a significant step towards a more streamlined budget. So, take a moment to review your bank statements, identify any unnecessary outflows, and cancel them to free up some extra cash each month.

6. Library borrowing saves readers $118 annually on books.

Adopting the practice of borrowing books from your local library can yield significant savings.

This financial tip can potentially save avid readers an average of $118 annually. It’s an easy, eco-friendly way to enjoy your favorite authors and explore new genres without draining your wallet. So, make the most out of your library card and let it become your ticket to unlimited adventures, knowledge, and savings.

It’s a win-win for both bookworms and budget-conscious individuals!

7. Taking online surveys can earn $50-$100 monthly.

Earning an extra $50-$100 per month is achievable with the help of online surveys.

This notable hack offers a flexible way to augment your income by simply providing your opinion. Various market research platforms are eager for consumer insights and are willing to pay for your time.

While it won’t make you a millionaire overnight, this method can contribute to your savings, help cover unexpected expenses, or fund your occasional treats. It’s a straightforward way to make your downtime more productive.

So, why not give it a try?

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8. Budgeting app users save 15-20% of income.

Those who utilize budgeting apps are typically able to set aside 15-20% of their income.

These applications help you track spending, set financial goals, and identify areas for potential savings. They serve as a digital financial coach, guiding you to make better money decisions and achieve your financial goals faster.

So, consider downloading a budgeting app today – it’s a small step that could lead to big savings in your financial journey.

9. Ink subscription services can save 50% on toner costs.

Slash your toner expenditure by a staggering 50% with ink subscription services.

It’s one of those financial life hacks that’s often overlooked. These services deliver high-quality ink right to your doorstep, eliminating the need for frequent, expensive cartridge purchases. A smart move for businesses, students, or anyone heavily reliant on printing.

This strategy not only saves money but also ensures a constant supply of ink. It’s a simple yet effective way to manage printing costs.

10. Flexible travel dates save 20-30% on bookings.

Altering your travel dates can yield substantial savings on bookings, a financial tip worth considering for globe-trotters and occasional travelers alike. Being flexible about when you fly or stay can result in a 20-30% reduction in costs, offering a significant boost to your travel budget.

Opting for weekday flights, off-peak seasons, or even slightly inconvenient flight times can lead to stellar savings. So, when planning your next adventure, remember that flexibility is not just about travel experiences but also about smart savings.

11. Efficient driving improves fuel economy by 10-15%.

A smooth drive can boost your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

This strategy, grounded in careful acceleration and deceleration, can enhance your car’s fuel economy by up to 15%. So, ease off the pedal and embrace this money-saving technique. Not only does it reduce your weekly gas expenditure, but it also promotes less wear and tear on your vehicle.

But also checking your tires once a month for proper inflation can also help maximize fuel efficiency. A bonus: it’s kinder to the environment. Put simply, smart driving equals smart saving.

Lastly, use a free app like Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas prices near your location (wherever you are).

11. Efficient driving improves fuel economy by 10-15%.

12. Parking apps save 20-50% in major cities.

You can unlock substantial savings in city parking fees through apps.

These apps, essential tools for urban drivers, offer discounted parking rates, typically between 20-50%. They streamline the parking process, pinpoint affordable spots, and even allow for pre-booking.

So, whether you’re heading to a meeting or exploring downtown, these apps are your ticket to stress-free, budget-friendly parking. It’s a simple switch that can significantly trim your transportation budget.

13. Secondhand items cost 50-80% less than retail.

Buying used goods for a fraction of their original price has always been one of the savviest financial life hacks.

With just a little patience and a keen eye for quality, you can snag items that are 50-80% cheaper than their retail counterparts. From clothing to electronics, furniture to books, the thrift market is a goldmine of potential savings. So, before splurging on brand-new items, consider exploring secondhand markets first.

It’s a smart move that could see your savings account grow significantly over time.

14. Insurance comparison saves 17% on average premiums.

Comparing insurance premiums can help you shave off 17% from your regular payments.

This tactic involves shopping around, using comparison sites to pinpoint the best deals. By doing so, you can find a policy that offers the same level of coverage for a fraction of the price. Insurance comparison is a straightforward yet effective strategy for keeping more money in your pocket.

It’s a prime example of how a small investment of time can pay significant dividends in the long run.

15. Use browser extensions like Honey or Rakuten to find and apply online discount codes.

Harnessing the power of browser extensions like Honey and Rakuten, you can automate your bargain hunting.

These handy tools find and apply discount codes for your online purchases, saving you both time and money. This financial life hack is a game-changer for online shoppers, putting savings right at your fingertips.

Simply install, shop, and let these extensions do the heavy lifting. Take advantage of this strategy to make your online shopping more budget-friendly and efficient. It’s an effortless way to stretch your dollars further.

16. Timely tax filing prevents penalties and interest.

Filing your taxes promptly is among the life hacks that can save you a lot of headaches.

When tax season arrives, it’s essential not to delay. By submitting your taxes on time, you bypass the risks of costly penalties and interest rates that come with late submission. Being punctual in tax filing is a simple yet effective strategy to maintain financial wellness and avoid unnecessary expenses.

It’s a clear testament to the saying “time is money.”

man behind a glass wall of a grid showing an arrow going up and a lot of numbers on a screen

17. Max out tax-free accounts like 401(k), IRAs or Roth IRA plans for long-term savings.

Taking full advantage of tax-advantaged accounts plays a significant role in your financial strategy. 401(k)s, IRAs, and Roth IRA plans should be the top priority for your long-term savings.

By maxing out these accounts, you can amass substantial tax-free growth.

Don’t overlook 529 plans for education savings or HSAs for health-related expenses. These accounts provide similar benefits, helping you cover significant costs while enjoying tax savings. It’s a practical financial life hack that will pay dividends in your future financial health.

18. Prioritize paying off highest-interest debts first.

Putting the focus on settling your high-rate debts before others is a powerful financial life hack.

This approach, commonly known as the debt avalanche method, targets the debts with the highest interest rates first. It saves you money in the long run, as it reduces the amount of interest you accumulate. By following this strategy, you’re not just paying off debt; you’re optimizing your repayment plan for maximum savings.

It’s a proactive step towards financial freedom, making each payment more effective in reducing your total debt.

19. Stay informed to recognize and avoid scams

Maintaining awareness of the latest scams is a vital aspect of managing your finances.

This includes staying vigilant about unsolicited calls, emails, or texts. Always verify identities before sharing sensitive information, and be wary of any urgent demands for money or personal data. Reach out to companies directly using their official websites or phone numbers, rather than responding to suspicious communications.

This financial life hack safeguards you from becoming a victim of fraud, protecting your hard-earned money and personal information. It’s all about playing defense in the game of personal finance.

20. Utilize all available employer benefits and perks.

Maximizing the benefits offered by your employer is a hack that’s often overlooked.

This involves a variety of actions. Contributing enough to your 401(k) to get your employer’s full match is a no-brainer, essentially free money. Also, consider enrolling in health insurance and flexible spending accounts for tax advantages. Don’t forget to use employee assistance programs for free counseling, wellness programs, gym discounts, and professional development or education reimbursements.

This approach helps you leverage your employment benefits to bolster your financial wellbeing.

21. High-yield savings accounts offer better interest rates.

For a significant boost in your savings, consider the benefits of high-yield accounts.

Unlike traditional savings accounts, these high-yield alternatives offer superior interest rates. This can help your money grow faster, providing a higher return on your savings. Simply put, the more you save, the more you earn. Remember, every dollar counts when building your nest egg.

So, why settle for less when you can gain more? Make your money work harder for you with high-yield savings accounts. It’s a savvy move for your financial future.

22. 0% APR cards reduce interest on transferred balances.

Shifting your credit card balances to a 0% APR card is a savvy move in managing your finances.

This trick not only helps reduce interest on your existing balances but also allows you to pay them off faster. Remember, the no-interest period is typically for a promotional period only, so make sure you’re able to pay off the balance before the rate jumps.

It’s one of those financial life hacks that, if used responsibly, can fast-track your journey to a debt-free life.

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23. Rewards cards give 1-5% back on purchases.

Reaping the benefits from rewards cards is underrated.

These cards offer cashback, ranging from 1% to 5%, on all your purchases. You’re spending money anyway, so why not get a little back? Whether you shop for groceries, gas, or clothing, using a rewards card can help you earn while you spend. It’s the little savings that add up over time, contributing to your overall financial health.

So, next time you swipe your card, make sure it’s a rewards card!

24. Side hustles provide supplemental income opportunities.

Stepping into the realm of side gigs can unlock a world of additional earnings.

From freelance writing to pet sitting, or selling handmade crafts to driving for a rideshare service, side hustles transform spare time into extra cash. This can pad your wallet, help pay down debts or allow room for more savings. It’s like finding a hidden treasure chest in your daily routine.

So, why not monetize your passion or hobby? After all, every penny counts when you’re paving the way to financial success.

25. Use the 50/30/20 budgeting rule for spending allocation.

The allocation of your earnings can significantly impact your financial health.

Consider the 50/30/20 budgeting rule, one of the most effective financial life hacks. According to this rule, half of your income should go towards necessities like housing and groceries. Then, 30% can be directed towards your personal wants, while the remaining 20% should be reserved for savings or paying off debt.

This strategy offers a balanced approach to spending while keeping future financial goals in sight.

26. Negotiate bills annually to reduce regular expenses.

Switching your approach to yearly bill payments can be a game-changer.

Reach out to your service providers, including cable, internet, and phone, and request improved rates. This proactive life hack could reduce costs by 10-20%, making a substantial difference to your monthly outgoings. Remember, the key to negotiation is persistence and research, so know your facts and stand your ground.

This simple yearly call could be one of the most profitable conversations you have.

27. Set up automatic transfers to savings accounts.

Implementing automated transfers to your savings account is a financial tip that takes the effort out of building a nest egg.

Simply arrange for a specific amount to be transferred from your checking account to your savings account on payday. This encourages saving before spending, ensuring you steadily build up your emergency fund without even thinking about it.

This hands-off approach can significantly boost your savings, becoming a cornerstone of your financial success.

28. Use cash envelopes for discretionary spending categories.

Implementing the cash envelope system is a tried and tested method among effective financial life hacks, especially for discretionary expenses.

This involves withdrawing cash for categories like dining out or entertainment and keeping each in separate envelopes. Once the cash in an envelope is depleted, you’ve reached your spending limit for that category. This hands-on method keeps your budget in check and curbs overspending, offering a tangible way to control your finances.

It’s a simple yet powerful tool for financial discipline.

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29. Invest in low-cost index funds for long-term growth.

Pouring your funds into inexpensive index funds is a savvy move for those seeking long-term financial growth.

Opt for broad market index funds that boast expense ratios under 0.1%. This approach will not only minimize fees but also ensure a diversified investment portfolio.

It’s a simple yet impactful hack that can steadily grow your wealth over time. Remember, investing is not about getting rich quickly, but building wealth slowly and surely. So, start small, be consistent and let the magic of compounding do the rest.


These 29 easy financial hacks act as your roadmap to financial success.

They are not just strategies but a lifestyle change, which when adopted diligently, can help you save, earn, and grow your money. They are simple to implement yet yield significant results in the long run.

Remember, becoming financially secure isn’t about making huge leaps, but about taking small, consistent steps. Whether it’s making the most of your employer benefits, leveraging technology for savings, or creating a budget to manage your finances, every little action counts.

So, start today, make these hacks a part of your daily routine, and watch your money grow. After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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