275 Proven Money Affirmations (to Manifest Financial Wealth)

The power of positive affirmations is not a secret anymore. It’s a great way to combine, attune, and align your subconscious mind and the universe to the vibrations of your desires. Naturally, all of us want the most important thing – money! That’s why you need money manifestation affirmations.

The most powerful money affirmations:

  • I have all the money I need.
  • I deserve financial success.
  • I am worthy of having massive wealth.
  • Making money is easy for me.
  • I live an abundant life.
  • We live in a happy and abundant universe.
  • Money is a force of good.
  • I am healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Below, we have a much bigger list of powerful money affirmations for you to use, edit, and customize the way it suits you. Remember that uttering positive money affirmations in the present tense is the best way to benefit from them.

Before getting into the list of 275 proven money affirmations, it would be very helpful for your money manifestation process to read a few important things on using the law of attraction for money. Click to read on my site.

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Now, the mega list of money manifestation affirmations begins!

  1. I am rich.
  2. I am wealthy.
  3. I am powerful.
  4. I am successful.
  5. I am confident.
  6. I have all the money I need.
  7. I am magically successful with money.
  8. I deserve financial success.
  9. I am worthy of having huge riches and wealth.
  10. My life is filled with riches and well-being.
  11. I never have to think about money.
  12. Money is good and I have a lot of it.
  13. Money makes life happy and healthy.
  14. I am healthy, wealthy, and wise.
  15. I spend money wisely.
  16. Making money is easy for me.
  17. I spend money freely and generously.

  18. Money flows to me naturally.
  19. I am a money magnet.
  20. I attract money like a strong magnet attracts iron.
  21. I am aligned with the universal energy of abundance.
  22. I live an abundant life.
  23. My life is immersed in financial abundance.
  24. I have physical, mental, and financial well-being for now, and forever.
  25. Financial freedom is god’s gift to me.
  26. Health, happiness, and money are my friends.
  27. My money keeps growing.
  28. My financial growth is unstoppable.
  29. Money is like the air I breathe.
  30. I help everyone around me with my riches.
  31. I am rich to elevate the lives around me.
  32. I solve the world’s problems with my money.
  33. I live a rich life with my family.
  34. My business is flourishing with magical speed.
  35. My finances are growing magically.
  36. Nature wants all the happiness and riches of the world for me.

  37. The abundance of money is like the space I inhabit.
  38. I have everything in this abundant life.
  39. Every day, I get new money coming into my accounts.
  40. My bank account is full to the brim.
  41. I have the most robust investments.
  42. My investment plan is foolproof.
  43. Everyone loves and adores me.
  44. I can afford all the beautiful and wonderful things in life.
  45. My family is healthy, happy, and prosperous.
  46. We live in a happy and abundant universe.
  47. The universe lacks nothing, so I lack nothing.
  48. The world is my oyster.
  49. Financial opportunities come to me naturally.
  50. I always find myself in the right place at the right time.
  51. I always meet new good and rich people.
  52. I help people with my money.
  53. Money is a force of good.
  54. The universal energy of money is my friend.
  55. I love life and money.
  56. I love the work I do.
  57. My work is fulfilling and rewarding.

  58. The more I love my work, the more rewarding it becomes.
  59. I am a good person.
  60. Only good things happen to me.
  61. Good things happen to good people.
  62. Nature rewards me for my goodness.
  63. Wherever I go, I see great financial opportunities.
  64. I am a rich man and I work for the betterment of all.
  65. Money flows around me in abundance.
  66. I am grateful for the riches I have.
  67. I am grateful for a healthy, happy, and rich life.
  68. I am grateful for a healthy, happy, and rich family.
  69. I am grateful for the love I get from the universe.
  70. Universal energy always works in my favor.
  71. My money choices are very wise.
  72. My financial decisions are always precise and beneficial.
  73. I can buy whatever I want, whenever I want without second thoughts.
  74. Money comes and goes in abundance.
  75. Money loves me.
  76. All my money problems are gone!
  77. Money is a light always shining on me.
  78. I am invincible.
  79. I am loved, adored, and respected.
  80. Everybody knows I am wealthy.
  81. Wealth accumulation is my game.
  82. I deserve all the riches of the world.
  83. Mother Earth showers me with unlimited wealth.
  84. Everybody loves me in real life as well as in social media due to my rich life.
  85. Money is a force of positive growth.
  86. My mind is attuned to a life of ease and prosperity.
  87. My family has enough money for everything.
  88. All my financial goals are fulfilled.
  89. Money is a powerful tool and I am a master of the tool.
  90. I have mastered the money game.
  91. My financial situation is improving all the while.
  92. The negative thoughts are powerless against me.
  93. The universal positive energy is my friend.
  94. Money flows into my life in unexpected ways.
  95. I have a firm and invincible abundance mindset.
  96. My financial freedom is unbounded.
  97. I live in unfettered financial freedom.
  98. My daily affirmations are super powerful in attracting money to my life.
  99. My subconscious mind is a money-attracting machine.
  100. I always have positive thoughts and visions about my financial goals.
  101. My family and I have a lot of money.
  102. My money manifestation affirmation works like a charm.
  103. My money mantras are imbued with universal force.
  104. My positive money mindset is unwavering.
  105. My life is a massive success.
  106. Financial success follows me wherever I go.
  107. I have successful businesses.
  108. All my businesses are a massive success.
  109. Large sums of money just appear in my life out of nowhere.
  110. My abundance affirmations bring infinite abundance into my life.
  111. I always think positively and positive thinking works like a charm for me.
  112. Negative feelings do not bother me much.
  113. I seldom engage in negative self-talk.

  114. Negative energy has no place in my life.
  115. My financial life is unparalleled in its richness.
  116. All my money goals have been surpassed.
  117. I have a positive outlook on my finances and life as a whole.
  118. Money grows in my life on a daily basis.
  119. I am an excellent money manager.
  120. I can fulfill even my wildest dreams.
  121. I am successful in everything from the very first step I take.
  122. I have not even a single financial problem.
  123. I have as much money as I will ever need.
  124. My wealth enables me to make a positive impact on humanity.
  125. I manifest abundance on a daily basis.
  126. Limiting beliefs is a thing of the past for me.
  127. Limiting beliefs have no hold on my thoughts.
  128. Money comes to me without much hard work.
  129. I have a dream-like abundant money situation.
  130. My daily life is filled with bliss, peace, and riches.
  131. I am far out of the scarcity mindset.
  132. I am an architect of an abundant life.
  133. New opportunities fly to me like a moth to the flame.
  134. Money never ceases to appear in different ways.
  135. Life never ceases to amaze me in a delightful manner.
  136. My core values are aligned with the universal law of abundance.
  137. I always form positive new beliefs about holistic well-being.
  138. The universe itself is my unlimited source of income.
  139. All of my financial dreams eventually come true.
  140. Money is a great tool to help the people around me and the whole of humanity.
  141. Financial prosperity is a constant presence in my life.

  142. Monetary success happens to me in miraculous ways.
  143. The amount of money I have is astounding.
  144. Unexpected money flows in every single day!
  145. Money is the root of joy, health, and holistic well-being.
  146. My wealth makes the dream life possible.
  147. I have a very healthy relationship with money.
  148. I unexpectedly discover new ways of earning money.
  149. New money flows in every single day.
  150. Money enables me to make positive changes in life.
  151. I do great things for myself, my family, and the world with my money.
  152. I am abundant, rich, and wealthy.
  153. I have unlimited power to achieve anything in life.
  154. All my desires are fulfilled and I deserve it.
  155. I am always open to receiving new money.
  156. All my money blockages are removed.
  157. I vibrate at a high energy frequency.
  158. My high-energy vibrations are suitable for easy and effortless financial growth.
  159. My wealth enables me to be very generous.
  160. I give as well as receive with open hands.
  161. Everything I do becomes successful.
  162. Money is a positive force of good.
  163. I can manage a very high amount of money.
  164. It’s natural for me to have financial freedom and I deserve it.
  165. Financial freedom is what the universe wants for me.
  166. Dealing with success is effortless and easy for me.
  167. I always exert positive change in the world with my money.
  168. My capacity to earn and grow money improves day by day.
  169. I allow money, wealth, and happiness to flow in abundance.
  170. I accept money from all the good sources.
  171. All the resistance to money has dissolved within me.
  172. I am grateful for my contribution to the world economy.
  173. Money loves me.
  174. The universe loves me and showers me with prosperity.
  175. I am open to receiving prosperity and financial freedom from Mother Nature.
  176. I embrace new money opportunities with open arms.

  177. I release all negative thoughts, beliefs, and energy about money.
  178. Money enables me to live a joyful life.
  179. Wealth and abundance have a permanent seat in my life.
  180. All the universal energy courses through my vein.
  181. Money is a force of calm and peaceful harmony in my life.
  182. I feel safe with my illimitable wealth.
  183. The universe never runs out of resources.
  184. Financial resources are floating all around me.
  185. I have access to the universal force of abundance and endless resources.
  186. Everyone should earn much more than they need.
  187. I have saved as a generational wealth for my family.
  188. Accumulating wealth is a natural right for me.
  189. I deserve to reach my goals easily.
  190. Financial security is my birthright.
  191. I live in a mansion.
  192. I have a vacation home by the beach.
  193. I have a summer home by the lake.
  194. I own a private island.
  195. I own a couple of jets and helicopters.
  196. My income keeps rising at a massive rate.
  197. It’s okay to be the richest person in the community.
  198. The universe has enough resources for everyone and every other animal.
  199. I deserve my share in universal resources and wealth.
  200. Money is a constant companion whenever and however I need it.
  201. I become happier and healthier by the minute!
  202. The happier I become, the more money I earn, making me even happier.
  203. I am attracting huge money right now.
  204. I always have grace and gratitude for the money I have and manage.
  205. I am knowledgeable in money-making trades.
  206. Money is like a spring that never runs out.
  207. My income is much much more than I can possibly spend.
  208. I can live my life on my own terms due to my wealth.
  209. I am on top of the money game.
  210. Debt is a thing of the past.
  211. Money never ceases to surprise me in unexpected ways.
  212. I find saving money easy, as I have a lot of money.
  213. The possibilities for financial growth are infinite.
  214. Wealth, prosperity, and abundance are always drawn to me, no matter wherever I go.
  215. Happiness, health, and wealth are my constant companion.
  216. Happiness, health, and wealth have a permanent seat in my family.
  217. Nothing can stop me from earning more money.
  218. I always help distressed people in need with my wealth.

  219. No matter how much I give to others, I will get much more in return.
  220. My mind is filled with money-attracting energy.
  221. My positive thoughts about money attract a ton of it.
  222. Attracting money comes naturally to me.
  223. The universal force of money moves through me.
  224. My visualizations of a rich life become realities.
  225. Money flows to me from all directions and from above.
  226. I am bold and confident in earning, managing, and spending money.
  227. Money overcomes all obstacles effortlessly to arrive in my bank account.
  228. Money enables me to overcome any challenges in life.
  229. My ability to manifest and attract money grows every minute.
  230. I always get more money than my family can possibly spend.
  231. I enjoy the money-making outlook I have.
  232. Money and I are friends; we empower each other.
  233. I have the healthiest relationship with money.
  234. My relationship with money keeps becoming more and more loving.
  235. My future is financially robust.
  236. The financial future of my family is safe, secure, and prosperous.
  237. I always make perfect money decisions that strengthen my financials.
  238. Any action I take leads me to success.
  239. I always trust in the universe to make me better and richer.
  240. Being rich and powerful is a part of my identity.
  241. I am worthy of all the abundance.
  242. I have full control over my finances.
  243. I am free from any financial bondage.
  244. My savings are growing at a rapid rate for future generations.
  245. I have enough to tackle any emergencies for my family and the extended family.
  246. I lead an elegant and enviable lifestyle.
  247. The unlimited potential of universal energy vibrates within me.
  248. My skills are very powerful.
  249. My skills and expertise make me invaluable.
  250. Professional growth comes easily to me.
  251. I get manifold returns for my hard work at work.
  252. Everybody respects me for my expertise and personality.
  253. Making money is a noble deed that enables me to uplift society.

  254. I always make the smartest investments.
  255. My investments are super successful.
  256. My investments bring me manifold returns in a short time.
  257. Earning money is a fun and joyous activity.
  258. Money brings me bliss, peace, and ecstasy.
  259. The doubts and confusions have dissolved, making me a confident money maker.
  260. I am intelligent and focused on doing good.
  261. I am independent.
  262. I am self-sufficient.
  263. I am getting healthier, happier, and richer every day.
  264. Money dissolves conflicts in life.
  265. Money solves the world’s problems.
  266. Money, love, and spirituality are friends.
  267. Having high ambitions is a natural and noble thing.
  268. All my ambitions come true.
  269. I am at peace with having large sums of money.
  270. Instead of excitement, money soothes my nerves.
  271. I believe in the immense power of positive money affirmations.
  272. My own affirmation is the most effective.
  273. I have the most powerful list of manifestation affirmations.
  274. My powerful affirmations increase my wealth significantly.
  275. Overall, I love my life and am grateful for all the wonderful people and things I have.
*WARNING* (VERY POWERFUL), Manifest Huge Amounts of Money VERY FAST


To wrap things up, I just want to remind you that the power of saying positive statements aloud is now backed by credible scientific studies.

A study on belief modification headed by Christopher Cascio and published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience have found strong correlations between the use of positive affirmations and well-being and positive behavioral and attitudinal changes.

So, we should in no way take lightly the immense power vested in these powerful yet simple tools like money manifestation affirmations.

Furthermore, to get a bit more illumination on how the law of attraction works in bringing money to life. Click the article link to read on my site!

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